About Us

ShareRoot was co-founded by Marc and Noah in February 2013. It all began in Marc's backyard - where they initially focused helping brands advertise on Pinterest. As a participant of 500 Startups Batch 8, the company gained strong initial traction. However, they saw a larger issue in the market outside. Retreating into hibernation, ShareRoot emerged in December 2014 with its current offering - a UGC marketing and relationship platform.

At ShareRoot, we believe in the power of the team: that the sum is greater than any one part. We believe in taking breaks to shoot hoops, stretch outdoors, and come up with ridiculous nicknames for one another. We find that being supportive, adaptable, and possessing an enormous amount of hustle not only propels our team forward, but provides for a first class working environment. Oh, and we have a guard dog named Sesame.


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