Accelerating community growth and engagement through UGC

By Taylor Parrish|Industry insights|9/26/2016|

Marketing in 2016 has been awesome - Twitter is about to break new ground by live-streaming 10 Thursday night Football games, Facebook traipses along its path towards world domination owning all the ad spend, Instagram now has its own "stories", and a handful of forward thinking brands have begun to tap into the power of UGC.

“What I continually found was one Instagram strategy that brands appeared to be using above all others. That strategy is the implementation of user generated co...


Why Nike’s Unlimited Series is Unstoppable Part 1

By Misha McPherson|Misha's Musings|8/21/2016|

The newest addition to Nike’s Unlimited campaign is Sister Madonna - the Iron Nun. She keeps popping up on my Facebook feed as a reminder to be fearless and break boundaries. If you haven’t seen it, trust me, it's worth watching.

We are consistently bombarded by what we are not doing well enough. Not thin enough. Not ripped enough. Hair isn’t straight enough. Teeth aren’t white enough. So if you just feel bad enough about yourself, and buy enough of our stuff, maybe you won’t be so hideous....


How National Geographic Utilized UGC to Crush their Social Campaign

By Ben Miller|Content Marketing|8/10/2016|

By now, it should be pretty easy to see that leveraging user generated content (UGC) is clearly one of the most powerful things a brand can do in the social world; you’ll be hard pressed to find an industry expert or seasoned social marketing veteran that would dare to claim otherwise.

However, finding inspiration on this front isn’t always something that’s easy to come by. With this in mind, let’s spend a few minutes looking over three social outreach campaigns that really tapped into the powe...


UGC and the Importance of Being Real

By Ben Miller|Content Marketing|8/2/2016|

There seems to be a stubbornly prevailing idea that businesses must adhere to a certain set of standards when it comes to their appearance and how they interact with their customers. There is the general feeling that businesses must offer a pristine image of their products and services to potential customers. This is usually done through the use of carefully designed marketing materials and strategies that set up a very particular expectation for the customer.

You know what I’m talking about, ...


Why UGC is Great for Your Community

By Ben Miller|Content Marketing|7/26/2016|

When it comes to creating a trustworthy, authentic brand, there are few things more effective than backing said company with a solid community. A community helps individuals connect with your brand, become interested in your brand, and ultimately stay with your brand longer than they might with competitors who have no community. It’s important, then, that you create a great community around your own business. This might seem like an arduous task – and it certainly takes some effort and hard wor...


Pokémon Go and Your Business

By Ben Miller|Content Marketing|7/17/2016|

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, you’ve probably heard of Pokémon Go. The game is a geolocation game that uses landmarks and historical sites along with other city features to scatter a variety of Pokémon across the map. When you use your smartphone, you can see these colorful creatures and capture them! If this sounds like a callback or perhaps stirs something within your memory, that’s probably because the franchise was created in 1995. It quickly became a hit, an...


Give Consumers an Experience and Not a Commercial

By Ben Miller|Content Marketing|7/12/2016|

Want to become the best around and build marketing campaigns that make everyone stop in their tracks? Then you can’t be stuck in the past! Today’s world is an increasingly connected one that values experience over a bland explanation. Users are always on the go, and there’s more entertainment at their fingertips than ever before. If you think that the same old email campaign or commercial is going to catch their attention, you might be disappointed.

Instead of presenting users with a passive m...


Tips to Convince your Customers to Create Content

By Ben Miller|Content Marketing|7/6/2016|

The idea that customer engagement is good for a brand is not a new one. In fact, it’s something that’s been steadily building as the presence of consumers online – and the sway that their easily-shared opinions hold – increases. Today, it’s hard to imagine a brand really hitting it big without a lot of customer interaction. That doesn’t mean a lot of money spent on marketing, of course, but rather a level of interaction that encourages community and demonstrates that the company in question val...


The Importance of Communication Within a Company

By Ben Miller|Content Marketing|6/29/2016|

Communication is a fundamental part of the business world. From networking to maintaining a responsive and functional team of employees, it’s important to not only understand the importance of good communication skills, but to also actively encourage their use. Work with your employees at all levels of the organization and teach them how to be effective communicators. I know it might seem like the importance of this might seem like it’s being perhaps a bit overstated, but the truth is that comm...


Facebook Marketing - Take it to the Next Level with UGC

By Ben Miller|Content Marketing|6/23/2016|

When it comes to engaging today’s technology-savvy consumers, social media marketing is key. It’s one of the most important forms of marketing currently used by marketing teams from all kinds of different industries, in fact, and it seems like almost everyone has their favorite social media platform. One of the most common social media channels out there is Facebook, and effectively creating and carrying out social media marketing campaigns on the site has become a hot topic for brands looking ...