The Importance of Communication Within a Company

By Ben Miller|Content Marketing|Wed Jun 29 2016|


Communication is a fundamental part of the business world. From networking to maintaining a responsive and functional team of employees, it’s important to not only understand the importance of good communication skills, but to also actively encourage their use. Work with your employees at all levels of the organization and teach them how to be effective communicators. I know it might seem like the importance of this might seem like it’s being perhaps a bit overstated, but the truth is that communication can make or break a company. Today we’re going to take a look at just how important communication is within an organization.

Build Relationships

First and foremost, good communication helps you build relationships with coworkers and other professionals. If you’re surrounded by healthy relationships that are mutually beneficial, you’ll be less likely to find yourself alienating or being alienated by others. This is important when you’re attempting to build a strong, cohesive circle of professional contacts.

Create Effective Teams

Communication is vital when creating an effective team – and you should want all of your teams to be unified and effective. If your teams aren’t full of people who are able and happy to help each other out, you’re going to find yourself with a segmented group of employees who don’t know how to work well together. That’s a problem, because working together is important when it comes to achieving long-term goals as well as initiating and embracing any change in the business or the corporate culture.

Drive Innovation

Employees who feel comfortable communicating ideas and concerns create a work environment where innovation thrives. This makes perfect sense if you take a second and really think about it. Have you ever been in a work environment where you knew your ideas were respected? I know that for me, the knowledge that people will listen to my ideas and actually consider them as valid options always makes me a lot more willing to share. Even more than that, however, it makes me more passionate about my work and willing to spend more time to help make the company in question as successful as I possibly could.

Encourage Loyalty & Increase Productivity

Following the same train of thought from above – employees who are happy with their work and their coworkers tend to be more enthusiastic about their accomplishments. They tend to strive to do the best they can to help actively make the company a better place. This kind of passion, in turn, leads to higher productivity and also lends itself to driving innovation. Employees who thrive in a work environment that encourages community are also usually more loyal to their company than those who work in an environment that suppresses communication and focuses more on the “bottom line”.

Grow Your Company

This last point should be no surprise if you’ve been paying attention to the previous ones. Good communication can help you build the relationships you need to thrive in the professional world as well as create effective teams that will drive innovation and encourage employee loyalty. All of these things help contribute to the health of a company. If a company is healthy and staffed by passionate employees who are productive and enthusiastic about constantly improving their own work as well as that of their company as a whole, then of course the company will experience growth. All of the most important internal factors are present and encouraged through good communication.

The truth is that communication is important at every level of business, regardless of the industry. Encourage communication your workplace, and see how it changes the work environment and employee productivity.

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