Why UGC is Great for Your Community

By Ben Miller|Content Marketing|Tue Jul 26 2016|


When it comes to creating a trustworthy, authentic brand, there are few things more effective than backing said company with a solid community. A community helps individuals connect with your brand, become interested in your brand, and ultimately stay with your brand longer than they might with competitors who have no community. It’s important, then, that you create a great community around your own business. This might seem like an arduous task – and it certainly takes some effort and hard work – but it can be made easier using a few techniques. One of the most effective is to start pushing user generated content (UGC) and leveraging it to make your community stronger than ever.

Unite Your Community

UGC is a good way to help strengthen your community and give everyone a common goal. Testimonials or reviews are a great way to achieve this. When you let your customers and community members express their opinion about your company, you’re enabling them to build even more positive and solid connections to your brand. They’re also building solid connections with each other in the process, especially you make those testimonials a common part of the community.

Inform Your Community

Another reason to consider using UGC is that it can really help you to inform your community about updates or directions for using your product in different ways. You can do this by asking community members to submit guides or tips for use. This, in turn, helps the community feel as they’re a part of something bigger. When they understand the product you’re offering and why it’s such a great investment, they’re likely to become more passionate about your brand than they otherwise might. This means that you’ll be actively creating brand ambassadors who will be able to spread the word about your product and just how useful it is without you even intervening. That’s valuable marketing, too!

Give Your Community Ownership

Similar to the above, it’s important to give your community members the sense that they matter. If they don’t think they’re doing any good or that the brand in question cares about their contributions, why should they continue to go out of their way to participate in and build a community around it? Asking your community members to create useful content around your products and services is a good way to help them feel invested in your success (or lack thereof). Let them see just how much their contributions mean to the brand, and how they’re helping it to grow. This will ultimately make the community much stronger and resilient.

Emphasize the Social Aspect of Your Community

While all of the above is certainly helpful to your brand as well as your community, much it focuses upon creating content that your brand can use for multiple purposes. Sometimes it’s a nice idea to give back to the community. Ask them to create things that exist for their own discussion and enjoyment. Create forums or discussion posts where your community members can get to know each other and learn more about their fellow followers. One idea is to encourage your members to create content based around personal experiences they’ve had. This not only helps them build a stronger emotional connection to your brand, but it’s also potentially an effective way to encourage members who are less active to participate more and share their own experiences.


Create an environment that focuses on the individual as well as the business, in other words. Use your UGC to unite the community and really encourage its growth. It might seem like asking users to create content would benefit the company more than the community, but as you can see from the above topics, it’s actually a great way to accomplish both goals at once.

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