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Content is king (or queen)! With that in mind, the ShareRoot platform has been designed to provide you (the brand) with the ability to collect User Generated Content (UGC) in a bevy of different ways and these have been listed out below.

Legally super-secure search and request function
The main source of content generation from the ShareRoot platform is our legally super-secure search and request function.
This functionality allows for your brand to search Twitter and Instagram based on hashtag or location and request for the full legal rights of images from the user who posted it. This content is live and updated in real time.
Customizable upload widget
Part of ShareRoot's Advanced package is a customizable upload widget that allows for users to upload content directly to your brand. The user can pull content directly from their Facebook and Instagram pages to directly upload for your moderation.
Ability to create a Facebook application
ShareRoot's Advanced subscription also includes the ability to create a Facebook application that sits on your brands Facebook page. This tab can display any customizable gallery as well as an upload widget that allows for your fans to upload content from within the Facebook space.
Broadcast feature
All of the above mentioned methods have involved your brand owning the content. The final offering ShareRoot provides for aggregating Visual UGC is through our Broadcast feature. This feature does not include ownership of the images, but allows for you to display images that you have selected in customizable galleries.

Why Should I Use ShareRoot?

The ShareRoot platform allows for your brand to have access to content in Real-Time and can be fully managed with an easy to use, modern and stylish, highly customizable displays. Your content from within the ShareRoot platform is interactive, measurable and can be displayed in a variety of different ways so is extremely compatible for use across a variety of spectrums.

Where Can This Content Be Published?

brand's websites
landing pages
facebook pages
emails (soon!)
mobile apps (soon!)
advertising properties (soon!)
much more coming soon!